About me

A reliable partner for making a difference.

Hey there, I’m Monica, and I'm a very enthusiastic, cheerful and optimistic person. I’m a Marketing and Communication Specialist living in Lisbon, Portugal. I am passionate about online communication, social media, personal developing, learning strategies, wellbeing and running. I’m also interested in meditation, yoga, tai-chi, reading and writing (mostly on my blog). Discover more about me and my passions by visiting my blog. It is easy-peasy, go to blog.monichis.info.

Things I Can Do

When it comes to things that I can do, here it is a short list of what I usually do: Social Media Strategies, Online Communication Strategies, Content Writing, Learning Strategies, Organising workshops, Project Management. I love to support social media and personal development enthusiasts, so if there is something with what I can help you (from what I know and do) contact me. I would be more than happy to exchange experiences and best practices. I bet that it will be a great learning experience for both of us! :)