Welcome to Monichis Education! The mission is to promote and advocate education as a complex and complete development process oriented to human beings and not to human resources. The world is changing and so is education.

Aims and beliefs

I strongly believe that education is more than we might think at a glance. Education is complex and represents a complete development process of a human being. Education is not about the human resources, is about human beings.

In order to cope with the whole chain of changes brought by technological advances, communities are needed. And communities are made with human beings and not with human resources. Times are changing, and people have to be seen as human beings, more than just a workforce.


Hi! I’m Monica and I’m the one who writes around here.  

This education section has emerged as a result of my passion for this area. Some time ago I heard one of my teachers saying that, unfortunately, in the consumerist world we live in, human beings are seen more as human resources. And the area of education makes no exception.
Since then I have been reading about skills, abilities, training, non-formal education, adult education and lifelong learning. The nature of the job has given me new perspectives on vocational and technical education, professional qualifications, and certifications in the field of industry. So my analysis range has been extended.

I want to create a community of those interested in these subjects, especially those who strongly believe that today it is more important to regard education as a process that shapes the individual as a human being in all its complexity and does not outline the individual Just as a human resource. 

I believe that today we must be prepared for the unprepared, to develop skills that can help us to face several changes that can occur in the labour market. Regarding our professional life, it can undergo major changes that can increase the quality of life if we do what we like more than just what we need.

I am passionate about education, especially adult education and I have a dream: I wish that in the near future (in the coming years) I can develop a continuous education program for young people and adults through which they can discover their passions, skills and gain more confidence in what they can do for themselves. It’s a personal development program because when you manage to get to know yourself better and better you can successfully cope with the different situations that can occur.

If you have any idea and you are interested in to collaborate, let me know.

About my professional path:  

I graduated from Marketing and International Economic Affairs with Marketing specialisation in 2007, and in 2016 I graduated from a Master’s program at Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences: Human Resources in Education. Training and Management. Within this program, I benefited from an Erasmus scholarship and so I was an Erasmus student for 6 months in Braga (Portugal) at the Universidade do Minho, Instituto de Educação, where I studied Adult Education and Community Intervention (Adult Education and Community Intervention / Educação de Adultos e Intervenção Comunitaria).
Over the years, I have been involved in a number of international training through the Erasmus + program, both as a participant and as a trainer, also being part of the organising team. In recent years, in Onesti (my hometown) I volunteered, worked in the local press (newspaper and radio) and I was responsible for Social Media, PR & Communication, events organisation and coordinator of volunteer teams at the  ONESTIN Youth Association.

Currently, as Marketing and Communication Officer, I work at EWF – European Federation of Welding, Joining and Cutting. The main objective of the Federation is to provide members and the welding industry with all the necessary support in terms of training and certification of individuals and companies. EWF has developed a harmonised training and qualification system for welding industry that is implemented at European and international level.
More information concerning my cv you can find in my LinkedIn profile.



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Do you share the same passion for education as me? Let’s talk about it.

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