Minimalism – the healthier way to go

It is Saturday morning. It is a cloudy day in Lisbon. I am waking up with the smell of a fresh coffee. On the table I have a light and small breakfast.

This week I renewed my Netflix account and while browsing a documentary catch my attention. I am not watching at the time because I am saying to myself that is better to watch it when you are in the mood. During an week evening when you are tired from work is definitely not providing you the mood.

Therefore, quickly I made the decision in this cloudy Saturday morning that now could be a good moment to watch it.

Minimalism – the documentary

And I was right. A good way to start your weekend.

It made me wonder, but not overthink. It remind me how I am always looking for more, but at the same time simple. In a way of speaking I am looking for meaningful and simple life. So once again another argument was brought to my wishing. So I went to look for more. And this is what I found:

Minimalism documentary – The director’s minimalist apartment tour.

Have a look:

I find it a bit on an extreme, but I do love his work desk. 🙂

Minimalism concept – Budget impact and saving money

I kept browsing the YouTube like any consumer eager to get more information and less time and  I found another interesting video.

In this one I identify myself: trying to live a minimalism live (by trying to spend less and being happy with the things that I already have, decluttering my wardrobe, etc) and save money for traveling. So I found this short video that can show you how small-small decision can impact so much your budget, which can impact on what you spend your money that can bring you happiness.

How to Minimalism

Furthermore, I found another video that shows you a plan of 30 days to minimalism.

In conclusion here you have some randomly findings of mine. Perhaps these findings are fitting in your lifestyle. Perhaps you identify with them. Or perhaps not. In fact you do not need to do like me or like them or like others.

Find your way and you will find your happiness

We are all looking for something. Once that we identify what are we looking for, what do we really want, then is just to work towards.

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